Amy + Jason / Sneak Peek

I was just sent these incredible photos from the AMAZING Marble Rye Photography from my wedding over the weekend and they’re just too good. Amy & Jason are the coolest couple ever and I can’t believe the wedding is over. Can we do it all over again?! XO More goodness to come! 


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Justine & Tyler – Style Me Pretty

Today is a very exciting day and a big career goal for me…a feature on Style Me Pretty! Go check out the beautiful photos from Abbey Lunt Photography of Justine & Tyler’s big day! XO

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Alicia & Jason

I have been wanting to blog this wedding for months and months! Things have been crazy and honestly I couldn’t narrow down what photos I wanted to post. They were all too good! Thank you Leanna Annunziato for your beautiful work and helping me get this post up! This wedding is very special to me because the Bride & Groom are special to me. I have known them since high school and working with people you are close to is such a different experience. Alicia was very clear on what she wanted the wedding to look and feel like and I wanted to surpass her expectations. The wedding was held at the Groom’s parent’s home and Alicia didn’t want it to feel like any party they had in the past, for obvious reasons. We wanted the guests to come in and feel like it was an outdoor ballroom. When you have an estate or backyard wedding, the options are endless and you can transform the space to look anyway you want it to. A little draping goes a long way! Guests signed oversized bottles of champagne with well wishes for the Bride and Groom when the entered and we chose lots of gold accents (my favorite) and the most amazing vintage pieces from Found. One of my favorite parts of planning was going to the Found warehouse with Alicia to choose all the rentals for the wedding. It made me very excited to see all of the decor come together. I did all of the floral design to fill the tables, along with brass candelabras and a mixture of votives and bud vases. Almost every decor detail for this wedding was custom, the sequin sweetheart linen, lace table runners, welcome sign, table numbers,  and a huge frame for the wedding cake backdrop, it was my surprise to Alicia. The speeches at a wedding are usually my favorite part, you can really learn so much about the couple and how their friends and family feel on such an important day and they had some of the best speeches I’ve heard. Just a little side note 🙂 It was the most beautiful (and hot!) day and I couldn’t be happier for them. They are an amazing couple! Cheers to Alicia and Jason! XO

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<p><a href=”″>Alicia and Jason Wedding Highlight Film</a> from <a href=””>Stockham Media</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Photography: Portraits by Leanna – Leanna Annunziato

Videography – Stockham Media Weddings

DJ – Entertainment Express

Coordination, Florals and Design – Samantha Dapper

Email for additional vendors



James & JC – Palm Springs

It never fails that in the days following a wedding I always regret not taking more photos! Which is why I am so grateful for Instagram, the WedPics app, and all of the amateur photographers [guests] out there snapping away while I’m running around like a crazy person. I had the pleasure of planning the wedding of my [and James & J.C.’s :)] Palm Springs dreams this past weekend. It was many months, hundreds of emails and countless phone calls later to put this wedding together and it was proof that high expectations equal high reward. There was no detail missed at this event and it was truly a day that I will never forget. I can keep going and going, but I will leave the details for my post with professional photos! 🙂 Since I can’t wait…I thought I would put a little post together from iPhone photos, Instagram and my clients WedPics feed to give you a little peek at the glam that was the wedding of James & J.C.! Starting off with a “before” shot and also what wedding planning looks like from above 🙂 The wedding was held at a private estate in Palm Springs where Marilyn Monroe vacationed at. unnamed unnamed-22   As guests entered, they walked by custom made pillars filled with 1000 paper cranes, made by the Groom’s mother for good luck. unnamed-1 unnamed-16 unnamed-18 Floral amazingness, created by the lovely ladies of Shindig Chic. unnamed-17 unnamed-15 unnamed-6 unnamed-5 unnamed-4 unnamed-24 unnamed-3 My heart is bursting for these two. unnamed-2     Custom made escort card display that was built by J.C.’s father and the most beautiful calligraphy on the place cards. unnamed-20unnamed-19 The dining lawn from a different angle. unnamed-1   unnamed-10   The insane presentation that is Room Forty. All courses should be served on wooden planks, right? unnamed unnamed-14 unnamed-11 unnamed-8 unnamed-7 unnamed-6 How stunning is this bridal party!? unnamed-4 unnamed-3 unnamed-2 unnamed-21 unnamed-25   The sweet surprise that was waiting for me Sunday morning when I arrived for rental pick-ups! 🙂 unnamed-26 I have to thank the vendors who just knocked it out of the park this weekend. Shindig Chic Creations…your floral design blew me away. Room Forty and Pharmacie LA for their service and presentation. Lastly, Laura Goldenberger Photography,  I can only imagine what you captured on film and I am dying to see!

Tanya & Travis 10.12.13

First of all…I am so behind on putting up Summer/Fall wedding photos! But I will start off my future string of posts with a really cute couple.

This wedding is very special to me, not only because the Bride and Groom are adorable, but because they are close friends of mine.

They are the most carefree and fun people and their wedding planning was pretty much the same. There was little-to-no stress or drama the whole time we worked together. I promise I am not lying. I truly believe that if you are an easy going person, your wedding will be the same way. They wanted their wedding to be a fun party for everyone to enjoy. They had an In-n-out truck for dinner, how could you not enjoy that? One of my favorite moments of the night was looking at these dramatic long dining tables, absolutely covered in In-n-out boxes. I wish there was a photo of that!

I had so much fun spending time with Travis and Tanya in the months leading up the the wedding and working on all of the little details for their big day. I wanted everything to be special for them and I hope it was!

Thank you so much Katie Pritchard Photography for these photos! It is always great to work with you! My favorite thing is how happy Tanya & Travis look in all of these pictures. You can really tell how in love they are!

I also have to say that these two wonderful people gifted me with the most beautiful pair of shoes. SHOES! They obviously know me too well 🙂

I love you Tanya and Travis! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day! I am so so so happy for you both! XOXO


TanyaTravis_Wedd_KatiePritchard-330TanyaTravis_Wedd_KatiePritchard-328TanyaTravis_Wedd_KatiePritchard-575TanyaTravis_Wedd_KatiePritchard-573TanyaTravis_Wedd_KatiePritchard-505TanyaTravis_Wedd_KatiePritchard-627Event Coordination & Design: Samantha Dapper

Photography: Katie Pritchard Photography

Venue: Brea Center

Bess & Shaun 8.30.13

The first word that comes to mind when I think of this wedding is PERFECT. The people, setting, details…everything.

I felt so lucky to be a part of this event. I have known the couple as far back as high school. I adore both of them and they are perfect together!

Bess had such a clear idea of the look she wanted for their wedding day and it came together beautifully. All of the details she put together complimented each other and their personal style was reflected so well, down to the reggae band at cocktail hour. It was classy, elegant and relaxed.

I hope you enjoy the photos of this gorgeous couple! Congrats Bess & Shaun! XO








































Event Coordination & Floral Design – Samantha Dapper

Photography – One Love Photography

Cindi & Garrett 7.20.13

I have seriously been waiting to see these pictures since the day after the wedding! My lovely Bride, Cindi sent me over so many gorgeous photos, I don’t know how to choose which to post! Which means I will post more than I should.

This wedding is SO special to me. We worked on decor for many, many months and it was the best experience. My clients were amazing and had complete trust in what I felt they should do. I was so sad when this wedding was over…actually I am still a little sad! The day was so beautiful and it was one of the most fun parties I have ever witnessed.

Congratulations Cindi & Garrett!!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! XO




C & G HI RES 0350

C & G HI RES 0351

C & G HI RES 0393


C & G HI RES 0471


C & G HI RES 0475






C & G HI RES 0817

C & G HI RES 0697

C & G HI RES 0774

C & G HI RES 0618

C & G HI RES 0627

C & G HI RES 0788


C & G HI RES 0468






Cindi+Garrett-1511C & G HI RES 0789Cindi+Garrett-1582Cindi+Garrett-1580



Photography – Eric Stoner Photography

Event Design, Coordination, Floral Design – Samantha Dapper

Summer Party Style

The end of summer is just a day away, but the warm weather will be sticking around for awhile I am sure. All the more reason to entertain outside!

I picked three fun looks and styled some ideas for outdoor party decor. The more bright colors, bold prints and gold, the better!

Thank you to the fabulous Alyssa Marie Photography for capturing my end of summer shoot and for working on the hottest day of the season! XO

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Cindi & Garrett 7.20.13 – Part 1

I don’t know where to begin with this wedding, except for the fact that I can’t believe it’s over. I feel like I say that about so many weddings, but I was literally sad the next day and probably the following week. I worked on this wedding for months and loved every minute of it. I was beyond lucky to get to work with Cindi & Garrett. Not only are they adorable together, but they are so fun to be around. They trusted me so much and Cindi literally let me do whatever I wanted with their wedding decor. Once we decided on a look she liked, she let me run with it. It was amazing to start with something from the ground up and get to walk into the finished product. Their ceremony and reception was gorgeous and even a little rain(in July!!) couldn’t hurt anything. By the time the ceremony started it was a clear blue sky and the Bride walked under a tree with hanging chandeliers to meet her husband-to-be.

I worked with the most amazing photo and video team that day. These guys were unreal. I have to thank Eric Stoner Photography for these beautiful photos. I’m obsessed! I can’t wait to share more photos and I will be doing a post on their reception soon! Enjoy and congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Anderson! XO

Cindi _ Garrett 001

Cindi _ Garrett 002Cindi _ Garrett 009 Cindi _ Garrett 008 Cindi _ Garrett 010 Cindi _ Garrett 011 Cindi _ Garrett 012Cindi _ Garrett 013

Cindi _ Garrett 007Cindi _ Garrett 003 Cindi _ Garrett 004

Cindi _ Garrett 005

Cindi _ Garrett 006 Cindi _ Garrett 015 Cindi _ Garrett 016 (1)Cindi _ Garrett 017 Cindi _ Garrett 018
Cindi _ Garrett 014