Oh Baby!

I had been searching/creating/designing for this baby shower for most of the summer. I was lucky enough to have full artistic liberty from this amazing client. I had so much fun finding unique vintage pieces like milk glass vases, huge sparklett bottles, coca cola crates and more. I wanted a theme that was unlike the common blue and white. I thought children’s books and rustic charm was perfect for this mommy-to-be. I ended up deciding on Charlotte’s Web as my design focus and I love how everything came together. I think my favorite element of the party was the hanging mason jars over the gazebo. Once the sun went down, all of the ti lights were twinkling and it looked magical! We also had a great BBQ dinner and delicious treats like Apple Pie Pops and and Caramel Apple Cupcakes for dessert.

Seeing how happy everyone was with the party was the best feeling. I had such a good time working on everything, so the fact that all the guests loved the details made it even more special.

Hope you enjoy the photos!



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