Mr & Mrs Ramos!

Thanks to the amazing Katherine Elizabeth Photography I can now feature the incredible photos from Matt & Pam’s beautiful backyard wedding in August! I knew these photos were going to be amazing, simply because this wedding had SO much detail! The decor and feeling of the wedding perfectly reflected the Bride & Groom’s personality. I would honestly post every single photo Katherine sent me, but I narrowed it down as best as I could!

I started working with Pam about a year and a half ago after a chance encounter at the mall…of course. A few months later plans were put on hold. She contacted me again in April of this year and when we met up she told me that she was aiming for an August wedding. “August of this year?”, I said. Planning a wedding from start to finish in four months presents an obvious challenge, but that’s for an average wedding and this was NO average wedding. One of my first tasks was finding out how they were going to have their ceremony on the Bridal Path on Euclid Ave. I think everyone at City Hall thought I was crazy, but we made it happen. You can tell in their photos how intimate and beautiful the ceremony really was.

Their reception was held in the backyard of the Groom’s parent’s home. It was the perfect backdrop for their lighted canopy tent. Again, this wedding had SO many details, I was lucky enough to have a small army of their amazing family friends helping me set-up on the Wedding Day. I knew everything had to be perfect and had to exceed this couples expectations.

This was truly one of the most special events I have ever done and I am so lucky to have gained two new friends on top of it! I hope you all enjoy the photos and can we talk about how beautiful they are!? It’s not even right!

Happy 1 month and 1 week anniversary Matt & Pam! XO


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