Bright Centerpieces! 2013 Trends: Day 1

Bright Centerpieces!

A huge trend in 2012 was soft, romantic and muted colors. Tablescapes featured combinations of blush, beige, and tan. It can be very beautiful, but sometimes a lot of details can be lost with layers and layers of the same tones. Nothing has the chance to pop! I am sure the rustic-chic décor will be here to stay for at least a little longer so I hope brides will be open to more color! Your centerpieces should be bold and intriguing for your guests to look at. That’s what they are there for! You can still do the beige and blush that everyone loves, but add a pop of fuchsia or yellow. It doesn’t have to be the focal point, but it adds much-needed dimension.

With the help of Alyssa Marie Photography, I put my spin on three tablescapes that are both classic and on trend.


I had no idea how many people love mason jars, but they do! Let me remind you that there are many different rustic container options out there. So lets switch it up a little (milk glass, wooden boxes, vintage liquor bottles).  I used a rustic wooden box with a hand-painted chevron runner. I love the contrast of the old and new together. I love how noticeable the centerpiece is on the table. It is fun and playful and it has a lot of impact, which is what every wedding needs! The arrangement is filled with yellow and coral roses, yellow “billy balls” and yellow ranunculus. Each place setting has a mason jar, for those of you who love them 🙂 Mason jars are super cute for drinking stations and are definitely cost effective, if they are your guest’s designated glass for the evening. I also chose an edible mini-wedding cake favor for this display. I almost always suggest an edible favor. It saves you money and it is something that your guests will definitely enjoy. Most favors are an added cost that is very unnecessary and your guest will probably never use. So get creative! What is your favorite snack or treat together? Make it personal to you!

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I love a centerpiece that has a lot of layers. The more flowers and candles for me, the better! My current obsession is banquet tables. Having décor run all along the table makes me very happy 🙂 And there are so many options! You aren’t designated to one centerpiece and 6 votive candles per table like a traditional wedding. You can do whatever you want. Mixtures of high and low centerpieces are my favorite, with bud vases scattered in between. It really makes your guests feel like there are having a real dining experience.

For this tablescape I used a vintage decanter, a mixture of mercury glass, with tapered and votive candles. I love combining different textures and prints. I used a silver sequin linen with a thin black and white stripe napkin in a bow fold on the china. This is a very traditional and popular combination of black white and silver. I used the pop of lavender and fuchsia in the flowers for the contrast. The vases are filled with stock, anemones and dahlias.

26w 27w 41w 43 44 45 46


The brighter and more detail the better! Using soft tones like beige and gold are beautiful together. When you add contrast colors like aqua and pink to it, it POPS! Of course too much color together is not always a great thing, but when done right it’s gorgeous and can make your wedding décor so much fun. I tell all my couples that their wedding décor should reflect who they are and what they love. Your guests should come to your wedding and pick up your style immediately. It should really remind them of you two.

For this tablescape I used an aqua lattice-patterned runner as the contrast to my focal point arrangement. Again, find something with a lot of impact and not a lot of space. I used three different size vases for my pink ombré floral arrangement. The vases are filled with different shades of pink roses, ranunculus, and stock. I used patterned votive holders for a more playful feel against the traditional gold and beige tones. There is also a sparkler at each place setting for a sparkly send-off; of course 🙂 I chose a boxed macaron favor for this setting. They are delicious and so cute! I also added a set of wine and toasting flutes. It is nice when they are non-descript and can be enjoyed again, instead of being packed away when the wedding is over.


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Trends can be great, but find a way to make it your own. As corny as it sounds, your wedding décor should be as unique as you are. If you see an idea you like, that’s great, but think of a way to put a twist on it…and don’t be afraid to add some color 🙂 XO

Event Styling and Floral Decor: Samantha Dapper

Photography: Alyssa Marie Photography 


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