Great Gatsby Inspired – Brooke & Paul




Where do I begin with this wedding!? First of all, I have been dying to post this, but haven’t had the time!

Here we go…I met Brooke my bride-to-be in October of 2012 and she told me she wanted a Great Gatsby themed wedding. I was thrilled and immediately my mind went to all of the amazing decor possibilities! Then she told me her wedding date was November 17th 2012. I had one month to pull this together! As crazy as it sounds, it was the easiest wedding planning process I have ever had. Brooke and her mom were so amazing and let me take the reins completely to do whatever I needed and they were there to help at every step. The greatest part was the pace of it all, there was no going back and forth and being unsure about a napkin color. If we liked an idea, we decided and moved on. I basically had the easiest Bride in the world, who was happy with everything, so that helped 🙂 It all moved so quick and on schedule that I was almost waiting for something to happen. No wedding could be put together in a month and go smoothly, could it? Well it did…almost. There was a 20% chance of rain on the wedding date and no tent had been ordered because there had been nothing in the forecast. With gloomy clouds overhead at 9:00AM, we ordered a tent. Thanks to the amazing rental team at All Occasions, I was able to get everything under the tent decorated, literally with a second to spare before the most torrential rains poured down. The 20% chance of rain turned into a hurricane. I can’t thank the people enough that helped me that day (Alyssa Martinez). We proved that rain doesn’t ruin your wedding day…it just makes it shiner 🙂




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My beautiful Bride and mommy-to-be Brooke. 82



Of course, I had to add my two favorite vendors. DJ Robert and Photog Alyssa 🙂 I can’t tell you how much easier they make my life!



Floral & Event Design & Coordination: Samantha Dapper

Photography: Alyssa Marie Photography 

Please contact me for further vendor info.


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